Five Ways to Maximize Your Facebook Ads

25 Jan

Nowadays, if you want your Internet marketing campaign to be a blast, you'll need more than quality content. When you talk about Facebook marketing, success will rely on distribution as much as it will on the actual content. So how can get to more Facebook users - not just anybody but your TARGET audience specifically - with your content? 

 The following are five ways to advertise on Facebook more effectively: 

1.Put existing customers first.

The more a prospect can relate to an ad, the more they will likely click it. Hence, you should always focus your efforts on your existing customers before anyone else. Like they always say, keeping old customers comes easier than bringing in new ones. Studies have shown that Facebook Custom Audiences can drive your ROI sky-high. So rather than exploring uncharted waters, start with the audience you have already met and who will probably find your message highly relevant.

2.Deliver ads to your fans.

Serving ads to your fans can boost your ROI by as much as 35% as opposed to non-fans. You might wonder why there is such a wide gap between these two audiences. 

This is pretty easy: Together with your custom audiences, they're some of the best targets you can have.

3. Take advantage of Facebook's Power Editor tool.

Under your Ads Manager, you will find the "Power Editor," which lets you make ads faster and more effective than ever before. Professional marketers use it to serve highly targeted ads, and it's pretty simple to learn. Just spend time going over it before using it to gain advantage over your competitors. You can buy digital advertising today or learn more about programmatic advertising.

4.Use Graph Search to know your audience more. 

Facebook's search is so much more powerful than you'd think. With Graph Search, you will be able to find people, posts, and pages that are connected to your keywords. It's a great route to getting more potential ad targets.

5.Home in on your target demographics by using Audience Insights 

By using Audience Insights, you can know more about all Facebook users, users who are presently connected to your page, and even specific users if necessary. Check the top menu bar next to "Demographics" and you'll find that Facebook can provide useful information, including the pages liked by your audience, their locations, activities they participate in, their household, and their purchase patterns. If you have yet to trim down your target audience for your Facebook ads, there is no better place to start here. You can read more on this here:

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